How it all started

Web of Mystery was born in February 2016 as a project between two friends, Ben and Dan. Seeing a gap in podcasts related to the particular coverage of mysteries born on and of the Internet, we stepped up to the plate. We research Internet mysteries and lore throughout the years, both well-known and obscure, and bring our combined knowledge and opinions to the table.

About our intro music

The song you hear in the intro and outro of our episodes is the first several seconds of "Radio Svoboda", a CC BY production by Trillion Catz. More info can be found here or here. We thought it captured the spirit of the mood of our show perfectly. We have no affiliation with Trillion Catz, but as a service we're also hosting his album The Big Numbers for download here (48 MB), so please download it and enjoy his good work in addition to our own.

Join our announcement list!

Our e-mail list is the source for long-form communication regarding new Web of Mystery content. Think of it as our fan club. You won't find a more in-depth breakdown anywhere else.

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